Preparations for Passover 2017

The entire Hofesh team is already on hand for the preparations for Passover 2017.




Preparations for Passover 2017: Cachisation



The packages arrive and we must be able to hide the entire hotel before unpacking the crates. The Shomerims are already there and took care of the cooking of course but also of all the hotel to eliminate all the chametz.

The manager of the shomerims organizes the entire operation with the team members, it brieffe on the obligations and the different things to focus on, the type of hiding to do depending on my material and use of the utensil.






The kids-club team is also on hand for the 2017 Passover preparations. Organize the activities for the children, place the spaces and install the different games, the stands and the whole program with the schedule.preparatifs-de-pessah-2017-accueil-300x206

The shuttle service is already operational and ready to transport you from the airport to the hotel, the transport schedule is in place and each driver has a roadmap.


In the kitchen chef Sydney Azoulay reviews the menus and checks the quantities, preparations for Passover 2017 is also that.




The management team goes around the surrounding area to identify the magical places and the activities they could offer to its guests in addition to those already planned. Unusual places, new activities, secluded corners for those who want a little privacy and much more.

Logistics, customer reception is always a special moment it takes a lot of organization to receive the flow of customers who arrive in less than two days, do not wait, install them quickly, offer them refreshments and what recover from a trip that for some has been very long. Every detail is taken into account and we want to leave nothing to chance.

Preparations of Passover 2017 is welcoming you in a special way by spoiling you on your arrival with small gifts waiting for you in your room, a guide of the stay with all the information you need throughout the stay.

The preparations for Passover 2017 are just the beginning, the first Shabbat is coming soon, a Shabbat that the Hofesh team will celebrate together in a relaxed atmosphere before the arrival of our guests as early as Sunday morning, a last moment rest to gain strength before the arrival of our guests.




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