The hotel for the 2017 Passover vacation is complete


Barouh Ashem, The hotel for the 2017 Passover vacation is complete. The entire Hofesh team thanks you for your trust. This year again, for the 2017 Passover vacation Hofesh is on the war footing and the embrace is not relaxed yet.

The whole team polishes the program.




The Kosher Dining Team reviews the ingredient lists and various products to offer you the best in both quality and freshness. The menus are reviewed to waltz the flavors by adding a zest of innovation.

Sidney Azoulay, our chef, is organizing with great care this part that is one of the pillars of the hotel stay for the 2017 Passover vacation.

We choose for you the best pieces of meat, the best wines, the finest cured meats and much more.


The service team

Our butler and our waiters are all recruited. The complete service plan is being implemented with the role of everyone in the team. Everything is important and carefully managed so that the service is fast, of quality and irreproachable.

Rabbinic surveillance

Hofesh works closely with Rav Cremisi on the choice of food products, Achgahots and the origin of food. Recipes are also submitted to the Rav to validate their compliance.

The Chomrims team is also validated by the Rav both on their experience and knowledge in terms of Halaha. Everyone in his role in chomrims, they will be led by a responsible for everything under control.

It is also expected that part of the team will arrive at the hotel earlier to hide everything and check everything before the start of the stay.


The animation team

equipe-pessah-2017Hofesh brings together the animation team to review the entire program, music, skits, theme nights and more. The days organized at the hotel for the 2017 Passover holidays are also days of free outings or organized by Hofesh who contacts all the tourism providers of the region to get you the best prices. To be entertained for Pesach 2017 is important (

The kids club according to Hofesh

hofesh-kids-club-pour-enfantsThe hotel for the 2017 Passover holiday is also thinking about the children so that they are filled with their special kids club ( Hofesh orders outdoor games and prepares all the material for the activities. The animation team painstakingly prepares the entire program with all the activities, games and tasks distributed between them.

The photo service

This year Hofesh a brand new service. The hotel for the 2017 Passover vacation will receive a professional photographer who will immortalize every moment of this stay. You will be able to relive every moment of the stay.

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