Singer Gamliel Levy


Since my childhood, music is my passion. Then over time I saw that people really appreciated my tone of voice and my singing style
And it is in 2015 that I decided to make a career in music … But I did not stop at the music only I also wanted to develop in the beautiful world of hazanoute.

So I started taking hazanoute lessons with Yehouda Zeitoun (who is today a singer and hazan experienced and known until today)
And in parallel I went to take singing lessons to develop my voice. And it’s during the next year that I start making the hatan chabah with some private parties. But I also wanted to do houpot and weddings I got in touch with the greatest pianists in France and Israel and I did a lot of rehearsals in the studio to train and be able to give the best of myself in parties. And it is a work that has been able to bear fruit because today I lead more and more parties and shabat hatan. Projects such as an album and a single are under development and will be released in the coming months.



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