Barcelona is truly a jewel in the sun

When you arrive in Spain for your holiday in Barcelona, ​​you will be surprised to find that there is more in this charming city than red or white wine and a week in the sun. A every holiday and every Passover Since the days of package holidays, most people believe that’s all that Spain has to offer. A famous person, formerly called Barcelona, ​​”a jewel in the sun,” and no more true word has ever been uttered. Once you visit the second largest city in Spain, you will soon understand why he received this nickname.
Barcelona is different from the rest of Spain in that it looks like a country apart. With its own culture, tradition and language, one understands why it is so different from the rest of Spain. Barcelona is the capital of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia located on the Mediterranean coast in northeastern Spain.
Because of the organized vacations that were popular in the sixties many locals speak English do not be surprised if they prefer to speak English than Spanish. This race of people is extremely proud of their Catalonian heritage and their language. This does not mean that they do not speak Spanish: they prefer Catalan.
Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city with an economic base full of history. Barcelona is a two-part city that integrates well with each other. Barcelona can be described as a modern metropolis with old buildings nestled nearby. As this charming town is located on the Mediterranean coast, you have access to 2.8 miles of beautiful sandy beaches that are divided into seven distinct sections. There are beaches for young and old where they can enjoy a beach life like no other place. Some of the beaches offer the opportunity to mingle with the locals and to taste some of their culture.
There is just so much to see in Barcelona starting with the 68 municipal parks where you can take the kids for a relaxing break from the bustle of the city. If you take the time for a city, you will encounter beautiful museums, galleries and recreation centers that will occupy you for a whole day. You can buy Montjuic for 20 euros which gives you free access to all museums, galleries and exhibitions and free rides on the tourist train. If you are ready for another type of transportation, there are bike rental shops where you can rent a bike for the day.
As we said there are only too many things to do on a trip so make the most of your trip, you can start by doing some online exploration. Barcelona is hosting the Spanish Formula One Grand Prix held in the north of the city on the Circuit de Catalunya. This race is considered one of the most important on the circuit. Imagine twenty of the world’s top riders racing around the track at speeds of up to 180 miles per hour.
There are a number of festivals then celebrated during your holidays in Barcelona. The locals dress in period costumes and re-enact battles in the streets of the city with parades, street dances and live music that lasts a week. It’s a good time to take part and taste the Catalan culture.

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