Matzo bread and freedom

Jewish Passover, in Hebrew Passover ( click here for more information).


Freedom and liberty a whole principle, of emancipation or the Hebrews were completely under Egyptian rule. Both spiritually, mentally and physically. They were unable to think for themselves and to consider a different future, to take charge in deciding and create a real community that is why Ashem had to intervene to remove them from this exile.

One of the highlights of this episode in our history is the Korbane Pesach on the occasion that the Jews proclaim their allegiance to Ashem and ignore the risks involved in their act of keeping the pessary lamb tied to the bed of every Jew during 4 days. This lamb being a god for their Egyptian oppressors, it could be taken as an affront, keep the lamb tied to finally slaughter it all knew the intentions of the Jews, they could chastise them for that.

The matzah episode comes much later, more precisely the next day as Egyptians are terrified by the death of their firstborn, panicked they send the Hebrews fearing for their lives. The cake is then prepared so quickly that it does not rise for lack of time.

Associated with this there is a whole symbolism in this bread that is airless, composed only of matter, without deception between what we see and what really is. The king of egypt had, by his voice, intoxicated the surrounding air of all Egypt he had managed to put the Jews under hypnosis which allowed him to enslave them. They needed to vent that poisonous air and get their mind back. This unleavened bread is therefore a kind of remedy, so during this period the leavened bread is formally forbidden in the Jewish religion, so as not to be intoxicated by this food charged with a toxic air.And until the 7th day of a pessah that commemorates the crossing of the Red Sea, ie the loss of the Egyptians, the Hebrews had to see it with their eyes to feel totally free from yoke and only after they were able to eat again the leavened bread and filled with clean air, the air was breathable again and was no longer toxic.
Today things have changed and modernism has made pessah much more bearable, with a restoration of haute cuisine, buffets and sumptuous meal .

We also prepare desserts worthy of Ladurée with its macaroons yet it is important to keep the principles and the symbolism of Pesach.

Happy Holidays and Passover 2017 and feel free to contact us .


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