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The craze for a hidden hotel

Hofesh offers you to go to Kosher Kosher hotel it’s more than a fashion, for some it’s is a necessity. The year is hard for a housewife, what’s more if she has a professional activity in addition to her domestic obligations.

She needs to put her feet under the table and be served good food, Glatt hide without worries she does She does not want to clean her house from floor to ceiling, especially those who are more of a maniac and have a problem with the hametz to whom they declared a merciless war.

The endless races with long crate tickets like the galoth, that make you think that there will soon be a war or that ration tickets will soon be reinstated.

Then you have to hide all the kitchen, check the food achgahoth , prepare dishes and dishes as if you have converted to become a caterer and you had a reception of 400 people to prepare because the whole family decided to meet at home for the 2 sedarims.

The seder evening is finally here, you’ve worked for a full month (in the best case) to get on your knees in front of your seder plateau and collapse right after the amazon birkat by having made superhuman efforts to achieve it.

Beside that Hofesh ( https://hofesh.fr ) offers you a kosher kosher hotel and not to clean, just a small superficial blow (even for maniacs) sell the house and voila the case is in the bag.

Just the suitcase to do (well ok it’s not always obvious) and here you are ready for a dream trip. The taxi to the airport, the plane, the shuttle waiting for you to your destination to take you to the hotel with a welcome sign. . . .the top! ! !


You are already on vacation. Once arrived on site, your luggage is taken care of up to your room, at the reception we give you your key, in your room you have some treats and cold drinks to welcome you. You are in a four star paradise hiding a pessah hotel just for you.

And here is the beginning of a holiday of pleasure or in addition to offering gourmet meals, made by a chef, desserts made by a pastry chef you days and your evenings are full between the pool, the spa, lectures on themes and varied, musical evenings, comic and many other surprises.

Do you have children? Not easy on vacation with them? That does not matter Hofesh thought of everything, they too have the right to have fun and to spend holidays. With the kids club is inflatable castles, ball pools, popcorn, cotton candy, clown and more, nothing is missing.piscine-a-boule-enfants-pessah-kids-club-300x218
And why do not you offer a honeymoon with madame? The opportunity to meet up, go out for a couple, go shopping, take a boat tour or visit the beauties that surround you? You are spoiled for choice.

Spain is a feast for the eyes and very pleasant at this time of year when it is neither too hot nor too cold.

So what do we do? Are we leaving or staying?

A kosher kosher hotel is a big dilemma, what do you say?

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