Passover (hébreu פֶּסַח, Pessa’h, latin : Pascha « Pâque ») is one of the three Pilgrimage Festivals of Judaism prescribed by the Hebrew Bible, during which Exodus is celebrated outside Egypt and the beginning of the barley harvest season which inaugurates the annual agricultural cycle.

The festival of Passover begins on 14 nissan at nightfall (which corresponds, according to the year, at the end of March or in April in the Gregorian calendar) and lasts eight days (seven in the land of Israel and Reform Judaism), of which only the former and the last are totally holidays. Pesach also inaugurates the period of the omer at the end of which is celebrated the festival of Shavuot.

Particularly rich in rites and customs, the Passover festival was originally distinguished by the Easter offering that Jews can not realize since the destruction of the Temple (the Samaritans continue to offer it on Mount Garizim). The obligation to eat matzot (unleavened foods) and ban hametz (foods based on dough raised and / or fermented) throughout the holiday remains in effect. The rules of hiding are much stricter during this period that’s why eating hidden is more restrictive .

This festival has its origins in the agricultural rite of unleavened bread and the nomad rite of the blood of the lamb spread on the stakes of the tent to ward off epidemics.

Hofesh invites you to live these historic moments by adding all the ingredients of joy and well-being to feel with a lot more intensity this feeling of freedom. For joy we offer the master of Jewish humor I named Sadoc . For relaxation and pleasure of the eyes we will be in Costa Brava a superb region .

So that your children also have this feeling of happiness we have concocted many surprises and activities in quantity with our kids club .

There is no longer a moment to lose, send us a message quickly to reserve your place for this Passover 2017 unique with Hofesh.

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