A splendid pesach.

Dear Yaakov

Thank you for the hospitality over Pesach. The atmosphere was magical and all aspects of the hospitality had clearly been nurtured with affection and attention to detail. The waiters were in high spirits on motzei shabbos and I feel they understood that they had helped be apart of yom tov simcha.

Thank you

Elliott Lever

We had a marvelous time with Hofesh in …

We had a marvelous time with Hofesh in Lloret del Mar.The whole staff with Nissim and Yaacov heading them, were helpfull and did nights as days to fulfill any request or need of the guests.
כל הכבוד – היה פשוט יוצא מן הכלל.
Family Halperin – Modi’in, Israel.

Danny Halperin

5 Stars!

Pesach was great, beautiful tefilot, non stop food and lot of exciting events, touring and best of all a lot of achdut. The kids BH had so much fun, they were crying when it was time to leave. Great staff very attentive and caring. Delicious and fresh food from start to end. Excellent ruach. The program was well very well organized and thought out. I highly recommend! Kol haKavod to the Assayagh family.

baruch derringer


There is only one word to describe Pessah 2017 with Hofesh FANTASTIC!!!
The food was a culinary sensation! The pastries was like a wedding!
The location great!

Can’t wait till next year.

Nate and Phyllis

Nathan Hollander

Great service

Great service! Special thanks to Yaacob, we had an amazing time!

Yael Liberjen

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