The Passover Seder

The Passover Seder or how to live one’s freedom “The Passover Seder “What does this mean? If the Pesach festival had a heart it would be the Passover Seder. The word ” Seder ” means ” Order ” to highlight … Read More

Passover the new year of the Jewish calendar

Passover (hébreu פֶּסַח, Pessa’h, latin : Pascha « Pâque ») is one of the three Pilgrimage Festivals of Judaism prescribed by the Hebrew Bible, during which Exodus is celebrated outside Egypt and the beginning of the barley harvest season which … Read More

Passover hidden hotel

Go to Passover hidden hotel   The craze for a hidden hotel Hofesh offers you to go to Kosher Kosher hotel it’s more than a fashion, for some it’s is a necessity. The year is hard for a housewife, what’s … Read More

Eat hide during Jewish Passover celebrations

Eating hide during the Jewish holidays of Passover in our modern society The 1/60 th rule Eating hide all year round is a simpler task than hide kosher during Jewish Pesach holidays . Many products hide during the year the … Read More

The recipe of hidden macaroons for Passover 2017

Hofesh recipe for Macarons for Passover 2017 You were at Hofesh last year ? Well you missed and if only one reason was to make me return for 2017 Passover it would be their macaroons (the macaroons recipe a well … Read More

The Jewish calendar a real treasure of calculations

The Jewish calendar and its secrets The Jewish calendar is particular and unique at the same time, it differs from other calendars to operate year-round on the basis of the sun and month on the basis of the moon. This … Read More

Date Passover 2017 a dream proposed by Hofeshh

The Passover Dates 2019 for a Dream Vacation with Hofesh Come and spend your next Passover in Spain in the tourist town of Lloret de Mar. The dates of Passover 2019: This year we are in 5778, it will also … Read More

Matzo bread

Matzo bread and freedom Jewish Passover, in Hebrew Passover ( click here for more information). Freedom and liberty a whole principle, of emancipation or the Hebrews were completely under Egyptian rule. Both spiritually, mentally and physically. They were unable to … Read More

Tou Bichvat A Day Organized by Hofesh

Tou Bichvat By Hofesh Cette année Tou Bichvat falls on a Shabbat but never mind, Hofesh has prepared a party for you , unlike any other on Sunday. A celebration unlike any other loaded with meanings and symbols that will … Read More

10 Passover Tips

10 tips for a witty Passover The 10 tips for Passover is at the time of the Pâque est pour nous une fête juive de huit jours qui nécessite beaucoup de préparation while you cook for elaborate meals of Seder … Read More