10 tips for a witty Passover

The 10 tips for Passover is at the time of the Pâque est pour nous une fête juive de huit jours qui nécessite beaucoup de préparation while you cook for elaborate meals of Seder for your family and friends. While most holidays are centered on food, Passover gives a whole new meaning to holiday consumption. While it may seem impossible to make healthy food choices during the holiday week, vigilance is the key to not letting the festivities hinder your weight loss efforts.

Here are 10 tips to keep you informed of Passover of this year:
1. Keep the nutritional balance in mind when planning your Seder plate. Fill half of your plate with vegetables and divide the other half between lean protein and your favorite matzoh kugel or farfel.
2. Avoid tasting while cooking. Using recipes helps reduce the need to taste the dish to see if the seasoning is right.
3. Practice Conscious Consumption at the Seder and all holiday meals . Sit down and eat slowly every bite, savoring the taste of the food you eat. This will help you stay satisfied and allow you to tune your satiety signals.
4. Plan fiber-rich food choices to replace bread that is not allowed during Passover. Try whole wheat matzoh instead of white floured matzoh and include quinoa and sweet potatoes (with skin for a fiber boost) as healthy side dish options.

5. When spending time with family and friends, you may feel pressure to abuse favorite holiday foods, especially if it’s been special for you. Stay firm and committed to honoring your satiety signals by saying “no, thank you, I’m fed up” Instead of overeating!
6. Drink water all day. It will help aid in digestion and decrease the chances of constipation caused by the matzoh that you eat for eight days.
7. It is not only important to eat carefully during Passover, but it is also important to cook consciously! Use light, low-fat versions of your favorite sauces, salad dressings, condiments, and dairy products for an easy way to reduce fat and calories. For example, use light mayonnaise instead of mayonnaise full of fat and replace sour cream with unroasted Greek yogurt in your traditional recipes.
8. Use herbs and spices in the kitchen to flavor foods rather than adding salt to reduce total sodium intake.
9. Many people are victims of the common holiday bad idea that it is better to eat as little as you can throughout the day to save & amp; rdquo; Your calories for the big meal. In fact, it’s the worst thing you can do before any holiday meal. Eating hungry during the day will only make you eat more food at a faster pace at dinner time. Depriving yourself all day will also slow down your metabolism. Instead, eat a well-balanced breakfast and a healthy lunch to break that cycle of thought.

10. Watch out for your drinks! Yes, wine is part of the Seder ritual and although it has health benefits, calories can accumulate quickly. Keep the required 4 cups and drink only the required amount of each cup.
With 10 tips for Passover, enjoy the holidays and relax! Stay physically active during Passover by continuing your exercise regimen to help maintain your weight and maintain your energy levels. Remove the guilt of eating the foods you love, even if they are not the healthiest option. It is perfectly good to celebrate as long as you stay conscious!

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