Hofesh recipe for Macarons for Passover 2017


You were at Hofesh last year ? Well you missed and if only one reason was to make me return for 2017 Passover it would be their macaroons (the macaroons recipe a well kept secret). Hmmmm what a delight the macaroons, that’s what makes my prose and inspiration tenfold , I could write a novel of 770 chapters just on this theme.

One morning when I woke up an idea crossed my mind, but why should not I do it myself? What’s easier with the Internet than getting the macaroons recipe? A click and 2 touch of mouse and we are transported in the wonderful world of macaroons. It was only after a dozen attempts that I realized, a list of ingredients is not enough to succeed macaroons. That’s where I had to bow to the genius of the Hofesh pastry chef who made macarons worthy of LaDurée .

Renounce becoming the king of macaroons, because the macaroons recipe is inaccessible? This is not my genre, I’m kind of tenacious and although with videos seen in a loop I still could not do it I do not confess defeated like that.

I think I scoured the web to know almost all sites that speak about the subject and all the video that expose the holy recipe, I was looking for the recipe macaroons .

And it was only on the 11th that I beat the egg whites and marzipan gang, the macaroons recipe was going to be mine.

But as I love to share so you too can become the king (or the) queen of macaroons, a quest, a search I would make you my Padawan of the macaroon. And make sure that the strength of the recipe for macaroons circulates in you.

Every detail is important cooking course but also the different temperatures during the course of the recipe, how to poach eggs, the different media, gestures, time, in short everything is important and nothing should be left to chance, a single misstep and boom is the fall into the bottomless pit of failure.

The macaroon is a wild animal that must be tamed and tamed, to achieve it is a happiness like giving birth, to create life (no I exaggerate the).

You want it too? Are you on the starting block?

Do you have the clothes, the weapons and the mind ready for this merciless fight? So go go go. . .

To put it simply, you have to know that making a macaroon is a meringue that incorporates powders in a macaroon (the famous hand).

You have 2 ways with French and Italian two schools with each his style.

The French version is simpler, the eggs are beaten in snow before incorporating, gradually the sugar.

For the Italian it is a little more complex to prepare a syrup of sugar with a thermo-probe and it is necessary to cook the egg whites with the syrup.

Logically I started with the simplest version but I suffered only failures before falling back to the Italian without too much conviction and surprise, it works! ! !

So I’m going to spare you all these tribulations to present you the Italian meringue first, but you absolutely have a thermometer.

Here we go . . .


The recipe and the quantities are for 15 to 20 macaroons.


  • 75g almond powder
  • 75g icing sugar
  • 2 times 28g of egg whites (brought to room temperature)
  • Syrup:
    • 75g caster sugar
    • 18g of water
    • 1 tip of cream of tartar (not required, can be found in specialized stores)
    • 1 point of powdered dye (very important because liquid it would change the consistency of the mixture and increase the risk of failure, the liquid dyes also lose their color when cooking)Tooling:
      • An electric mixer
      • A Maryse (or a horn)
      • A socket pocket with a plain socket of 8mm to 10mm
      • One or two baking sheets
      • Greaseproof or silicone paper (no Exopat or so-called “special macaroons” silicone plates !!)
      • An electronic probe thermometerThe preparation of eggs is one of the secrets of the success of macaroons, especially the whites for the meringue which will interest us in the first place. They must be separated from the yolks and kept at least 24 hours before being brought to room temperature before the beginning of the realization of the recipe. No risk of intoxication since the eggs will be cooked.Some separate them from the yellows one see two weeks before, the older they are the meringue will be successful.

        The other important secret concerns the mixture of almond powder / icing sugar, the latter must be very thin without any lumps so that the shell of the macaroons is smooth and shiny. To achieve this you have to mix together the sugar and the almond powder (75g each).

        Attention, in the mix it must be done by small jerks, we mix a few seconds, we stir, we mix a few seconds and stir, etc ….

        The mixture must not heat and must be super fine, no sieving at the end of the process.

        Then you put your egg whites with the tip of pie cream (if you have some) in a dish (we do not start beating them yet).

        In a mini saucepan put the water and sugar (in this order), stir and bring to a boil while monitoring the temperature with your probe.

        Preheat your oven to 145 °.

        When the syrup is at 100 ° start beating your egg whites starting with the low speed to increase the speed gradually.

        When your syrup reaches 118 ° you reduce the speed of your mixer and you start pouring the syrup and very fine net on the side (no contact between the syrup and the beater whip).

        When you have poured all the syrup, turn the mixer on at max speed until your meringue has cooled down.

        The meringue must be firm (bird’s beaks) and shiny.

        The next step is to dilute the powdered dye in the remaining egg whites before adding it to the almond powder / icing sugar mixture to obtain an almond paste.

        And we arrive at the macaronnage which consists in gradually incorporating the meringue into the marzipan, this operation is done by circular gestures to lift the mixture well.

        The result must be shiny and supple but not liquid (the shell must stand up to the training), it is one of the most complex parts that to control the good consistency neither too hard nor too soft.

        The mixture is put in plain bag (8mm) and start to draw your macaroons on parchment paper (or silicone), when you finish your plate, tamp your macaroons by lifting and releasing the plate.

        The plates should be at room temperature when you drop your raw macaroons on it, it’s very important.

        The temperature of the oven is also a fundamental element, it should not be too cold or too hot, it is a central point of the macaroons recipe.

        It’s not finished. . . during the cooking it is necessary to detect the precise moment when the cooking is finished, when the collar appears, it is also necessary to touch the macaroons at the end of the cooking (6m) to see if it is sufficiently firm, they must adhere still a little to the parchment paper otherwise they are overcooked. If you notice that your macaroons are not cooked, you must recheck every 30 seconds.

        Detach all your hulls from the plate before digging them slightly with your thumb to prepare them for stuffing.

        It is a technique that allows the joke to be generously arranged and to prevent it from flowing or overflowing.

        It is a hand to take, with the time you will become expert and you too will have mastered the recipe for macaroons.

        It’s not over, so that the mixture is soft while remaining firm and slightly crunchy meringue must your macaroons go take a little cold in your refrigerator for at least 24 hours in a box. This time is taken advantage of so that your stuffing and the hull are harmonized so that the taste and the smell of the face impregnates well in a uniform way. Here you have all the cards to start a macarogen activity. I gave you all my knowledge about the macaroons recipe.

        For your next Pesach 2017, Hofesh will have the chance to have in his team a pastry chef whose macaroons are one of the specialties. A greed Hide Passover that he will concoct at will in different tastes .

        You will not be asked to run the macaroons recipe. . . . whatever, it might be a good idea to do a top chef activity.

        In the meantime, come and enjoy a stay Glatt Hide in a splendid setting of the Spanish North in the seaside town of Lloret de Mar in Costa Brava .

        A 4 STAR SPA hotel awaits you .

        You will think about your next Passover holidays by making your macaroons and you will be able to measure yourself and compare with those made by our pastry chef.

        Have a good tasting hoping see you very soon in our hotel Kosher Kosher for 2017 Passover .

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